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Grand Charity Logo.gif (small thumbnail)   The Freemasons Grand Charity 


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Worcestershire Lodge Websites

Lodge of Hope and Charity No. 377

The Royds Lodge No. 1204

Lechmere Volunteer Lodge No. 1874

Masefield Lodge No. 2034

Abbot Lichfield Lodge No. 3308

Francis Davies Lodge No. 5035

Halas Abbey Lodge No. 5407

Old Bromsgrovian Lodge No. 5743

Dofra Lodge No. 5775

Lapal Lodge No. 6031

Old Edwardian Lodge of Stourbridge No. 6141

Elmley Castle Lodge No. 6247

Old Halesonian Lodge No. 7104

The Lodge of St John in Bedwardine No. 7458

Lodge of The Round Table No. 7961

North Worcestershire Lodge No. 8180

Teme Lodge No. 8491

The Morgan Lodge No. 9816

                                                      Halesowen Lodge No.5635

                                                        The Page Lodge No.3378

                                                   Wernlegh Abbey Lodge No.6356

                                                       Malvern Hills Lodge No.6896

                                                     Lodge of St.Michael No.1097

                                                      Old Carolian Lodge No.7599 


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