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Air Ambulance Logo.jpg (small thumbnail) The Midlands Air Ambulance - Six Air Ambulance helicopters serve an area of 8,000 covering 10 counties.

Acorns Logo.gif (small thumbnail) The Acorns Childrems Hospice Trust - cares for life limited children and their families from across the West Midlands.

Primrose Logo.gif (small thumbnail) Primrose Hospice and Cancer Help Centre - offers advice & support to cancer patients and families in the North Worcestershire.

MacMillan Cancer Support logo.gif (small thumbnail) MacMillan Cancer Support- We exist to help improve the lives of people living with cancer and their families and carers.

Anthony Nolan Logo.gif (small thumbnail) The Anthony Nolan Trust - We are the charity that takes back lives from leukaemia.

NHS Donor Logo.gif (small thumbnail) Become an Organ Donor - Register here - Would you take an organ if you needed one? Here's your chance to help others.

prostate cancer charity_logo.gif (small thumbnail) We fight Prostate Cancer on every front - Research, Support, Information & Campaigning.

Mailing Preference Logo.jpg (small thumbnail) Stop 'Junk/Un-solicited Mail'Acorns Hospice.jpg (small thumbnail) Stop 'Unwanted/Un-solicited' Phone Calls

Highways Agency Logo.gif (small thumbnail)Highways Agency 'Live Traffic Info' - Check for unwanted hold-ups, accidents, snowdrifts, road repairs, floods etc.

Multimap_logo.jpg (small thumbnail) Multimap/Bing the Preferred Mapping Source - Find that road by name or by postcode, the ultimate address finder.

press_logo_AV_free.png (small thumbnail) AVG Anti-Virus FREE Software -Got one of the best 'Anti-Virus Software' packages? No, then download it here absolutely Free.

logo_free_za.jpg (small thumbnail) Zone Alarm Firewall FREE Software - Got a 'Firewall'? No, then you really must download this FREE application.

Google earth_logo.gif (small thumbnail) Google Earth - The Earth on your computer screen, a real 'must have'.

bt_logo_large.gif (small thumbnail)bt phonebook-logo.jpg (small thumbnail) FREE Directory Enquiries



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